June 10, 2023
Web Accessibility

The Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo is committed to providing access to its web pages for individuals with disabilities. This website has been extensively modified, and is continually being fine-tuned to afford such access. Comments on the accessibility of the Court's website can be sent to our webmaster using the Contact Us form.

Access Keys (Shortcut Navigation Keys)

  • 0 = Web Accessibility (this page)
  • 1 = Home page
  • 2 = Main Content area
  • 3 = Contact Us
  • 4 = Site Map
  • 5 = ADA Policy
  • 6 = Search site (type in your keyword and then press ENTER)
  • Change font size:
    • 7 = default
    • 8 = medium
    • 9 = large

Keystrokes Combinations for Major Browsers

  • Internet Explorer (IE): ALT + <access key>, and then press ENTER
  • Google Chrome: ALT + <access key>
  • Mozilla FireFox: ALT + SHIFT + <access key>
  • Opera: SHIFT + ESC + <access key>
  • Safari on Mac: CTRL/CMD + <access key>

Web Accessibility for the Website:

  • Alt-Text tag: A text equivalent is provided for image that conveys content.
  • Color and contrast: Color is not used solely to convey important information. Sufficient contrast is also provided.
  • Style sheet: Pages are readable and understandable when the style sheet is turned off.
  • Client-side image maps: Client-side image maps are used instead of server-side image maps. Appropriate alternative text is provided for the image as well as each hot spot area.
  • Row and column headers for data tables: Data tables have column and/or row headers appropriately identified (using the <th> element).
  • Page title: Each page is given a title that describes the page's purpose or content.
  • Hyperlinks: Text hyperlinks are written so they make sense when read out of context.
  • Navigation hyperlink: A "Skip to main content" hyperlink is provided to skip over repetitive navigational menus.
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