Probate Tentative Rulings for Friday

Probate Tentative Rulings

Department 28-Courtroom 2F

Hon. George A. Miram

May 22, 2015

If a court appearance is required and the court has given the parties permission to appear telephonically at a hearing, parties can make arrangements to do so by contacting CourtCall, an independent vendor.  Parties must contact CourtCall at (888) 882-6878 no later than 4:30 p.m. on the court day prior to the hearing.

Approved – Non-Appearance

Appearance Required

Continued or Dropped Matters


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Case No

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Conservatorship of Ellis


Conservatorship of Mitchell

Account, Review, Substituted Judgment, Withdrawal from Blocked Account//**The Petition for Substituted Judgment, to Withdraw funds and increase bond are granted.  The account is approved subject to attorneys’ fee reduction to $12,000 in reasonable attorneys’ fees which are approved in that amount and denied as to the remainder requested.



Estate of Jesse

Continued to 6-22-15



Estate of Van Ness


Conservatorship of Lord

Instructions Re Distribution//**Absent a cogent objection raised at the hearing, the petition is granted.  Petitioner has exhausted all reasonable efforts to locate Catherine Tassin.



Estate of Daniel

Continued to 9-22-15


Conservatorship of Pappas


Estate of Moss

Account, Status//The account is not close to being in compliance with Probate Code section 1061 requirements.  The matter is continued to July 29, 2015 and the Petitioner is ordered to file a code compliant account by 7-15-15.



Conservatorship of Dela Rosa Liao

Continued to 7-29-15



Conservatorship of Figueroa


Trigueiro Trust

Petition for Recovery of Assets//**There have been three prior continuances to explore potential settlement with no apparent resolution.  The petition is GRANTED.






Estate of Coghlan


*Appearance Ordered , Failure to Appear may cause Petition to be Denied or Opposition Stricken






Conservatorship of Ramirez


**Appearance Optional, However, failure to appear will be viewed as waiver of oral argument and the court may issue an order that differs from the tentative ruling based on argument presented by those who attend, or based on further consideration of the papers. 






Estate of Naulty

Granted upon filing of original will or copy of will with proof of will and lost will declaration.  Petitioner may need special administrator to obtain entry to safe deposit box.











































































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