June 9, 2023
Odyssey Portal

Please read this message in its entirety before proceeding to the Odyssey Portal.
[There is a link to the Odyssey Portal at the bottom of this page.]

On June 20, 2016, the San Mateo Superior Court launched a new case management information system, Tyler Odyssey. The Odyssey Portal replaces Open Access, which was part of our old system, ICMS. The new Odyssey system provides more superior information and tracking and monitoring capability of court cases for court staff and judicial officers. However, the Odyssey Portal for public viewing of case information currently displays less case information than you were accustomed to seeing in Open Access. The Court apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and fully expects that the new Odyssey Portal will eventually be able to display most or all of the information provided in Open Access, albeit in a slightly different display format.

We ask for your patience as we actively seek to improve the public content of the user interface.

Listed below is some information and some helpful tips for using the court's online, case-related services:

Searching Case Information:

MIDX - MIDX is an index that allows you to search San Mateo Superior Court's non-confidential and non-sealed cases by case number, party name or case filing date. While Open Access allowed linking from MIDX directly into a case in Open Access; the Odyssey Portal has additional security that does not allow linking directly into a case in the Odyssey Portal.

Odyssey Portal - The Odyssey Portal allows you to view non-confidential and non-sealed case information and documents. Juvenile, adoptions, criminal and traffic cases are not accessible via this portal. Other than minute orders, no family law documents are displayed at this time. Family law documents are currently precluded from being displayed on this portal.

Searching for Cases or Parties in the Odyssey Portal:
We recommend using a "wildcard" search if you do not know the exact Odyssey party name or case number. A wildcard search uses an asterisk (*). For example, if searching for Generic Company, Inc., a wildcard search may be Generic Co*. By doing the wildcard search, a user does not need to know exactly how the data was entered to return search results. Additional filtering options for more precision searching may be found by selecting Advanced Filtering Options from the main Smart Search page.

Once a search result has been obtained and a user has drilled-down into that record, the most efficient way to return to the search results is to use the "bread crumbs" at the top of the page. To return to the listing of search results, click on the Search Results bread crumb.

No registration is needed to access the Odyssey Portal. Eventually additional services may be added to the Odyssey Portal that may require registration.

Converted Data:
The court converted all data and documents from its previous system into Odyssey. The data elements from the previous system do not have a one-to-one correspondence to data elements in Odyssey. This means converted data will not display as well in the Odyssey Portal since the Odyssey Portal was built to display "native" Odyssey data. All codes converted from the previous system were converted as event codes in Odyssey.

Converted court case numbers accessible via the Odyssey Portal always have alpha characters before the numbers. This applies to cases filed from January 1, 2000 through June 15, 2016. Family law case numbers begin with FAM such as FAM0123456; civil case numbers begin with CLJ or CIV such as CLJ123456 or CIV123456; probate case numbers begin with PRO such as PRO123456; small claims case numbers begin with SCS, SCC or SCN such as SCS123456 or SCC123456 or SCN123456.

Native Odyssey case numbers (cases filed after June 15, 2016) almost always begin with the two-digit filing year followed by a three character case type prefix and then followed by a number. Some examples of native Odyssey case number formats are: 16CIV00123; 16CLJ00123; 16FAM00123; 16PRO00123; 16SCS00123.

To proceed to the Odyssey Portal, please click here.

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