December 4, 2022
Request for Court Reporter Pursuant to Jameson v. Desta

In Jameson v. Desta, the California Supreme Court held that "an official court reporter, or other valid means to create an official verbatim record for purposes of appeal, must generally be made available to in forma pauperis litigants upon request." This service is only available upon request if the party has obtained a fee waiver.

Presently, an official court reporter is provided in all civil and family law matters, with the exception of the Case Management Conference Calendar. Therefore, a request for court reporter pursuant to Jameson v. Desta is only necessary for Case Management Conference hearings.


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You can direct any questions to the Court Reporter Supervisor at: (650) 261-5024. If you DO NOT know the specific date of the hearing, please contact the Clerk's office and request assistance from the Civil Department.

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