May 16, 2022

Please note the following PRIOR TO utilizing the Zoom credentials to appear remotely for your court hearing:

  • ZOOM IS NOT AUTHORIZED FOR ALL COURT APPEARANCES. It is imperative that you review the Calendar Appearance Requirement Matrix prior to your hearing date to verify whether a Zoom appearance is authorized.
    • **YOU MUST APPEAR IN PERSON for the following Out-of-Custody Criminal Arraignment hearing types:
      • First time arraignments
      • Outstanding Warrant add-ons
      • Warrant- Failures to Appear
      • PV arraignments
      • MDUI Sentencing
      • Proof of: CDL, SCRAM or anything else that requires tangible proof
      • PRS- Probation report and Sentencing
      • Failures to comply
    • ** You may appear by zoom for the following hearing types on the Out of Custody Misdemeanor Arraignment Calendar:
      • Dispositions- with a plea form
      • Further Proceedings
      • Restitution Memos
      • Sentencing- DADEJ, Infractions
      • Modifications of Sentence
      • Continuances
      • To Set
      • Warrant Arraignment/Failed to Appear with Attorney
      * Court may continue any matter for a future date and require that an in person appearance be made.
      ** Court paperwork will not be provided to counsel by the courtroom on remote appearances. Information regarding future court dates may be obtained through the Odyssey Portal.
      You may be able to fine OUT OF COURT FORMS online.
    • ZOOM IS NOT AUTHORIZED for your appearance on any Trial Readiness Calendar. YOU MUST APPEAR IN PERSON.
    • ZOOM IS NOT AUTHORIZED for your appearance on the Presiding Judge's Ex-Parte Calendar, absent prior approval by the Presiding Judge.
  • ZOOM IS NOT TO BE USED FOR PUBLIC ACCESS; IT IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE COUNSEL OR PARTIES ON A CASE ON CALENDAR. It may be used for public access only upon approval of the judicial officer hearing the calendar. Please visit our website here for additional information regarding public access.
  • There are two sets of Zoom credentials; one is for conferencing and one is for hearings. The conferencing credentials are to be used by COUNSEL only on the following Criminal calendars where the judge and counsel conference matters prior to going on the record: Crim PJ - Trial Readiness Calendar, Crim PJ - PTC's, Crim PJ - Probation Violation Conferences, Criminal Northern and Southern SCR's, Criminal Northern and Southern Trial Readiness Calendars, Criminal Northern and Southern Out-of-Custody PTC's, Criminal Northern and Southern In-Custody PTC's, Criminal Domestic Violence PTC's, Probation Violation Conferences, Veteran' Court, Military Diversion Court, Military Personnel - Veterans Resentencing Hearings.
  • Appearance by video is required for counsel when appearing by Zoom; however, your client(s) may appear by audio only if they do not have access to appear by video.
  • If your case is assigned to one of our Family Law Direct Departments, please look on their individual webpage for information regarding remote appearances.
  • If your appearance is on the DVPA (Domestic Violence/Temporary Restraining Order) and DCSS (Department of Child Support Services) Calendar, go here for Zoom credentials.
  • If your case is assigned to one of our Civil Direct Departments, please look on their individual webpage for information regarding remote appearances.
  • If your case is assigned to our Probate Department, please look here for information regarding remote appearances.
  • Credentials for Juvenile remote appearances are confidential, and will be distributed to the parties directly by Court staff prior to your hearing date.

If you have reviewed all of the information above, including the Calendar Appearance Requirement Matrix, and you are able to appear remotely for your court hearing, go here for a listing of all Zoom hearing credentials.

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