September 24, 2022
Public Access Policy

San Mateo County Superior Court is committed to continuing public access to court proceedings during and after the pandemic emergency. Due to COVID-19 and public health concerns, the Court has shifted to convene some court proceedings remotely in order to eliminate the need for individuals to attend hearings in person. This is to reduce the number of visits by the public to the courthouses, thereby minimizing potential infection of the public and staff.

At this time, members of the public may attend a court proceeding in person. The Court is committed to maintaining a safe workplace for our staff and the public.

Zoom may not be used for public access without the approval of the judicial officer.

Please be advised that public access to court hearings via Zoom in Department 12, the Department of the Criminal Presiding Judge, are approved without advance permission.

To join the Zoom session as a member of the public, please keep your camera and audio off for the duration of the proceedings. You can access all courtroom Zoom credentials here:

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