October 24, 2021
Public Access Information

San Mateo County Superior Court is committed to continuing public access to court proceedings during and after the pandemic emergency. Due to COVID-19 and public health concerns, the Court is forced to convene court proceedings remotely in order to eliminate the need for individuals to attend hearings in person. This is to reduce the number of visits by the public to the courthouses, thereby minimizing potential infection of the public and staff. Presently, the Court conducts the majority of our essential court calendars remotely by video and phone conferencing, using Zoom.

In order to remotely access court proceedings, any member of the public may use the free public access listen-only conference number and conference code listed below to join a court session. Courtroom staff for all public calendars will open the public access line at the beginning of each court session.

You may also attend a court proceeding in person. The Court is committed to maintaining a safe workplace for our staff and the public. Each courtroom can accommodate a different number of seats in the audience. You will need to check-in with the bailiff when you enter the courtroom. The bailiff will inform you as to whether or not there is an available seat, or if capacity has been reached. If capacity has been reached, you may remain outside the courtroom until someone leaves. Face coverings are required at all times inside the courthouse.

Persons with remote access to listen-in only on court proceedings are reminded of the general prohibition against the photographing, recording, and rebroadcasting of court proceedings (including those held by telephone or videoconference). See Court Standing Order 2010-108 and California Rule of Court 1.150. Any recording of a court proceeding is absolutely prohibited. Violation of this order of the Court is punishable as contempt pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 1209.

If you are trying to connect to the public access line and you are experiencing difficulties, please contact 650-298-5758 for assistance. Please note that Court does not always begin exactly at the start time due to a variety of reasons; therefore, if you do not hear the courtroom immediately, please give it a few minutes before you call for assistance.

Courtroom Conference number Conference code
Courtroom 2A 1-206-279-9589 599028
Courtroom 2B 1-623-600-3769 825312
Courtroom 2C 1-623-600-3770 924223
Courtroom 2D 1-623-600-3772 931196
Courtroom 2E Email Dept2@sanmateocourt.org to request public access
Courtroom 2F 1-206-279-9583 649353
Courtroom 2G 1-206-279-9591 631595
Courtroom 2H 1-425-650-1381 425463
Courtroom 2J 1-564-888-5460 582107
Courtroom 2K 1-480-660-5303 328010
Courtroom 2L 1-425-650-1635 466702
Courtroom 2M 1-503-300-6827
Streaming for Peterson Hearings Only
Courtroom 4A 1-602-610-2090 398306
Courtroom 4B 1-503-300-6829 904272
Courtroom 4C 1-503-300-6831 260101
Courtroom 6A 1-503-300-6833 190337
Courtroom 7A 1-602-610-2091 848798
Courtroom 7B 1-503-300-6835 299706
Courtroom 7C 1-503-300-6841 800233
Courtroom 7D 1-503-300-6844 687891
Courtroom 8A 1-503-300-6845 166578
Courtroom 8B 1-503-300-6847 438807
Courtroom 8C 1-503-300-6851 704355
Courtroom 8D 1-503-300-6854 438671
Courtroom J 1-503-300-6855 841806
Courtroom K 1-503-300-6860 956903
Courtroom L 1-503-300-6862 356723
Courtroom M 1-503-300-6864 313219
Courtroom N 1-503-300-6865 597782
Courtroom P 1-503-300-6866 339792
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