November 27, 2021
Presiding Judge's Letter to the Community Regarding the Court Budget Plan

Posted March 27, 2013

To Members of the Court Community:

Over the past four years our court, along with all of the courts throughout California, has experienced drastic State budget cuts that have caused the court to reduce court services to the public. In fiscal year 2013/2014 our court anticipates additional revenue reductions that will further impact the public's access to the courts. In order to provide an open process and information to all court users, our court has developed a proposed plan that would reduce our court services to the level of our anticipated budget.

Attached to this message is a slide presentation that describes our budget situation, actions we have taken to-date and our proposed plan going forward if current State cuts are not eliminated. In September of 2012, we began sharing this information with our County justice partners, elected officials and police chiefs and we are continuing to do so with the hope that we can work with all in our court community to restore essential funding and minimize these actions, if at all possible.

If you are concerned about the effects of ongoing State cuts on our trial courts and wish to contact your local state legislator, you can click on this link to access their contact information and review a letter recently written by the past president of the San Mateo County Bar Association. We've also included recent related press releases from our court explaining our actions.

We hope that the State's revenue picture changes and that we do not have to implement any of these proposals. However, we believe that careful planning and input will allow our court to continue to provide the best court services possible under our severe budget constraints.

Presiding Judge Robert Foiles

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