December 2, 2021
Zoom Appearance Protocol for Veteran's Court and Military Diversion

General Information and Instructions:

  • Veteran's Court will resume starting on 6/19/20
  • Military Diversion Court will resume starting on 6/26/20
    • Conferences begin for both calendars at 8:30am
    • The Court will go on the record with the veterans at 10:00am
  • All parties are required to appear remotely via Zoom; including the veterans
    • The treatment team and veterans are required to appear via Zoom video
      • If a veteran cannot appear using Zoom video, the authorization needs to be given in advance by Probation for that participant to appear telephonically
  • If a veteran is in-custody, the Bailiff shall coordinate with the Sheriff's Office to ensure the Sheriff's Office can support the additional remote appearance(s) from either of the two jail locations
    • Defense counsel shall notify the Court that their client will be in-custody at the time of the hearing by emailing
  • The CRC shall pick-up their paperwork from the clerk's office the day before the calendar
    • A copy of the calendar, along with the judges face sheets, will be scanned and emailed to the judge
      • The judge will print the facesheets at home to take notes
      • The judge will either scan and email the facesheets to, or deliver the facesheets over the weekend back to the CRC and leave them on their chair for processing on Monday
  • Probation and BHRS shall e-file their reports that were previously dropped off to the courtroom the day prior to the calendar

Zoom Credentials:

  • A Zoom account has been created for court2d hearings and court2d conferencing
  • The Court shall email the treatment team participants to provide them with the Zoom credentials and protocol, and the treatment team participants shall share them with their colleagues, as necessary
  • Probation shall be responsible for coordinating with all the veterans their remote appearances via Zoom; only Probation may approve an audio-only Zoom appearance by a veteran
  • 2-3 days prior to the calendar, the Collaborative Courts Coordinator shall coordinate with the CRC as to who will be on calendar, and confirming everyone has been provided the necessary information and Zoom protocols
  • If there are any in-custody matters, the Bailiff shall coordinate with the Sheriff's Office the necessary logistics for the Zoom appearance
  • The PDP shall, whenever possible, direct any private counsel to go to the Court's website to review the protocol and to request the Zoom credentials; or, the PDP may share with them that information directly
    • If the PDP attorney appearing generally will not be appearing for a particular veteran, the PDP attorney appearing generally must notify the court at least 2 days prior to the hearing, and provide to the CRC the information regarding any other PDP attorneys appearing, including emails and cell phone numbers
    • If not otherwise informed, the Court must assume that all veterans not otherwise specified will be represented by the PDP attorney representing the veterans in general
  • To obtain Zoom credentials for remote appearances, please go here.


  • The treatment team conferencing will begin at 8:30a.m.
  • The CRC shall open the court2d conferencing Zoom session at 8:15a.m. to begin checking in all members of the team
  • Once all members of the team are present and accounted for, the Judge will join the session as a participant, and the CRC will make the judge the host of the meeting and sign off


  • The CRC and Court Reporter (for Veteran's Court only) shall be located in the courtroom
    • The CRC and reporter shall have either a headset or speakers to be able to communicate back and forth with the Zoom participants
    • The CRC and reporter shall be able to see all the Zoom participants; however they will not be visible due to equipment restraints
  • The CRC shall open the court2d hearings Zoom session at 9:45a.m. to begin checking in the participants
    • All Zoom participants will be automatically muted upon entry, and only the host and co-host may unmute them
  • The CRC shall create a breakout room called 'Chambers' that the judge may use for any private discussions off the record with counsel
  • The CRC shall send the judge the link to join the session once everyone has been checked in
  • Once the treatment team concludes their conferencing, they will all exit the conf2d Zoom session, and shall join the court2d Zoom session
  • Once the CRC checks everyone in, they shall remain the host of the session
  • Participants can raise their hand via Zoom if they would like to speak and they are muted
    • The CRC shall monitor the participants pane of Zoom to watch for anyone raising their hand, and shall unmute that participant
  • If the Court wants to remand a veteran, they will give a future surrender date
  • Any necessary forms or information normally distributed after the calendar shall be the responsibility of Probation to provide to the veterans

The following is required of all Audio/Video attendees:

  • Attorneys, parties, witnesses, and any third parties are not permitted to record the proceeding without advance permission from the judicial officer calling the calendar. Unauthorized recording of court proceedings violates California Rule of Court 1.150 and is punishable by monetary sanctions or contempt proceedings against the offending party.
  • Follow the same courtroom etiquette requirements when appearing remotely as you would in person
  • Should you be authorized by Probation to appear by calling in only:
    • You must state your name each time you speak so that we may capture an accurate record
    • Do not put the call on hold as music will play, and you will by disconnected by the Audio/Video conferencing host, and you will need to rejoin the Audio/Video conferencing session
  • If the case requires an interpreter, consecutive interpretation is currently being used; the Court is working to shift to Zoom simultaneous interpretation
    • Please speak slowly and pause at regular intervals to allow for the interpreter to interpret for the defendant
  • If you appear by Audio/Video and need to have a private conversation with your client, another justice partner, or the Court while still participating in the Audio/Video session, the following must occur:
    • Defense counsel that needs to have a private conversation with their client must mute their audio, and phone the defendant
      • If the defendant is in-custody, request from the CRC the phone number to their jail pod so that you may contact them (CRC - it's located on Courtnet on the Zoom page)
    • If you require an interpreter, phone the interpreter coordinator at 650-261-5023, and we will connect you with an interpreter who may assist you over the telephone
      • You will then need to initiate the 3-way phone call with your client
  • Should the DA and defense counsel need to have a private conversation they must mute their audio and phone one another
  • Should the Court need to have a private conversation with parties appearing by Audio/Video conferencing, the Court will direct the participants as to how to proceed

If you have any questions, please contact Deputy Court Executive Officer, Sarah Lind at (650) 261-5690 or

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