March 24, 2023
One Day Divorce Program

Getting Help Finishing Your Divorce

The One Day Divorce Program assists parties with divorce cases in San Mateo County Superior Court to finish the case and get a final judgment. Volunteer attorneys and law students assist eligible parties in finalizing an agreement and preparing all of the necessary forms to obtain the final Judgment.

Who Can Participate?

The One Day Divorce Program is for self-represented litigants who have filed a dissolution of marriage (divorce) or legal separation case in San Mateo County and are ready for judgment. Your case is ready for judgment if you can answer Yes to all of the following three questions:

  1. Has the summons and petition been served on Respondent?
  2. Has a Proof of Service of Summons OR a Response been filed with the Court?
  3. have you and your spouse reached an agreement on all orders that will be included in your judgment, including division of property and debts, spousal support, and if you have children, a parenting plan and child support? OR no response has been filed and you have taken a default (or will be taking a default) against your spouse, the respondent.

Caution! If you or your spouse have retirement benefits that were earned during the marriage, you will not be able to complete your judgment unless the retirement benefits are listed in your Petition and/or Response.

If you are the Respondent, you may not participate in the program without the Petitioner.

How Can I Sign Up?

Please contact us on our LiveChat or sign up online to request an appointment. We are able to respond to your request faster if you sign up on our LiveChat. Participation is by appointment only.