June 9, 2023
Pathways 2007 Annual Report

"Pathways" is San Mateo County Superior Court's mental health treatment court. Participants in the Pathways Program receive specialized treatment for their mental health issues as part of their probation.

Pathways was created as a collaboration between the San Mateo Superior Court, District Attorney's Office, Private Defender Program, the Probation Department, the Sheriff's Office, and the County's Correctional Health, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services departments. Representatives from these agencies continue to meet on a regular basis to help build upon the success of the program.

The annual report describes how the program works, highlights the goals that have been achieved, and contains ideas for further improvement. Recently, the Pathways Program was one of many San Mateo Court programs to receive praise from the California State Legislature in a joint resolution as well as a letter of commendation from Governor Schwarzenegger.

We appreciate your interest in the Pathways Program.

Hon. Robert D Foiles
Presiding Judge
Hon. Stephen M. Hall
Assistant Presiding Judge
Hon. Mark R. Forcum
Pathways Program Judge
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