June 9, 2023
I Have Been Arrested, is Drug Court for Me?

You may be eligible for drug court if you have no prior charges for:

  • drug sales
  • possession for sale
  • crimes of violence

What is expected of me?

You must:
  • appear in Court as scheduled
  • remain clean and sober of drugs and alcohol
  • test regularly for presence of drugs and alcohol
  • attend all ordered treatment sessions
  • be on time
  • obey all laws

What happens in treatment?

Participants work on the issues behind their addictions. The treatment providers help the participants understand why they use drugs and/or alcohol and how to avoid using alcohol and/or drugs in the future (relapse prevention). Treatment includes a combination of alcohol and drug resources, drug education, literacy training, acupuncture, group counseling, employment training, and other services as needed to help the participants improve their lives and become drug free.

Program Phases

Phase I - Immediate Intervention

This phase is usually two to eight weeks. Participants are required to:
  • Participate in a comprehensive assessment within the first four weeks. This assessment may include questions about: health, psychological, housing, food, job training, literacy, parenting and domestic violence avoidance needs. Once the assessment is completed, the participant's probation officer develops an individualized case plan.
  • Meet with a supervising officer twice a week
  • Complete a drug test twice a week
  • Attend a minimum of two recovery classes a week
  • Attend 12-step group meetings
  • Attend a treatment program as ordered
  • Attend drug court sessions every other week

Phase II - Supervision

This phase is usually between two and twelve months. Participants are required to:
  • Meet with probation once a month - Attend court review sessions once a month
  • Complete drug testing as directed by their probation officer
  • Attend 12-step and/or treatment program as ordered
  • Have all medical needs addressed as instructed
  • Participate in job counseling/search, GED, education and literacy classes as ordered

Phase III - Aftercare

This phase is usually six months. Participants are required to:
  • Supply urine samples as requested
  • Attend counseling sessions as directed
  • Continue job counseling and education classes as appropriate
  • Remain drug free
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