Probate Department Tentative Rulings for Monday


Department 28-Courtroom 2F

Hon. George A. Miram

May 2, 2016

If a court appearance is required and the court has given the parties permission to appear telephonically at a hearing, parties can make arrangements to do so by contacting CourtCall, an independent vendor.  Parties must contact CourtCall at (888) 882-6878 no later than 4:30 p.m. on the court day prior to the hearing.

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Appearance Required

Continued or Dropped Matters


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Conservatorship of Kimura


Conservatorship of Fenech

Review//**The Court issues an OSC to the conservator re removal for failure to file necessary documents in a timely way, submission of inaccurate orders and failure to remediate these problems. Written Response to the OSC to be filed no later than May 20, 2016, hearing on the OSC scheduled for May 31, 2016.



Conservatorship of Holt

Continued to 6-29-16



Conservatorship of Nutting


Guardianship of Ramirez

Appointment, SJIS Findings//*DENIED. Proof of service is defective in that neither parent has received notice. Further, there is no demonstration of abandonment.



Estate of Bryant

Continued to 5-24-16


Conservatorship of Batarse


Guardianship of Arevalo

Appointment, SJIS Findings//*DENIED. Proof of service is defective in that neither parent has been provided adequate notice.






Estate of Johnson

Order Required


Morris Trust

Petition to Establish Claim of Ownership, Objection and Request for Abatement//**The present petition is abated as required by Probate Code section 854 until the conclusion of the civil action.






Estate of Hendrix

Grant filing proof of publication, required Bond set at $942,000, Order Required


*Appearance Ordered , Failure to Appear may cause Petition to be Denied or Opposition Stricken








**Appearance Optional, However, failure to appear will be viewed as waiver of oral argument and the court may issue an order that differs from the tentative ruling based on argument presented by those who attend, or based on further consideration of the papers. 


























































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