Probate Tentative Rulings for Friday

Probate Tentative Rulings

Department 28-Courtroom 2F

Hon. George A. Miram

August 29, 2014

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Continued or Dropped Matters


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Conservatorship of Amer


Conservatorship of Balin

Petition for Authority to Sell Residence//*GRANTED.



Estate of Oppenlander

Continued to 10-10-14



Conservatorship of Zasslow


Estate of Stoyko

Petition to Determine Interest in Property//**There are no facts defining the 48% interest claimed.  Petitioner is ordered to provide a declaration by 9-15-14, detailing the claim of a 48% interest in the subject property and the Administrator Richard Stoyko is ordered to show cause, if any,  why the petition should not be granted , by declaration filed by 9-15-14, reply by 9-22-14.  Continued to 10-6-14 for hearing.





Estate of Firpo (2 Matters)


Guardianship of Slay

Appointment//*DENIED.  There is a Family court proceeding pending and there has been no cooperation with the Court Investigator, despite three continuances.






Conservatorship of Crawford


Conservatorship of Ethridge

Petition for Compensation//**GRANTED in part and DENIED in part.  $7,500 is awarded in reasonable attorneys’ fees and the remainder requested is denied.  Payment of the fees is ordered deferred until further court order given the limited assets in the estate available.  Both the $33,638 charged and the $19,128.82 sought are excessive given the limited benefit conferred on the conservatee.  At least part of the motivation for the petition appears to have reflected discord with the petitioner’s sister who was adequately caring for the conservatee at the time.






Conservatorship of Montenegro


Estate of Granizo

Probate Petition, Objection//*The Petition for Probate is DENIED. The demonstration of proof of marriage is insufficient.  The Public Administrator is appointed Administrator.






Estate of McNamara


*Appearance Ordered , Failure to Appear may cause Petition to be Denied or Opposition Stricken






Conservatorship of Young


**Appearance Optional, However, failure to appear will be viewed as waiver of oral argument and the court may issue an order that differs from the tentative ruling based on argument presented by those who attend, or based on further consideration of the papers. 






Conservatorship of Horwitz








Jauw Trust








Estate of Bueno



















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