February 18, 2018
Presiding Judge Law and Motion Calendar Tentative Rulings
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In the Superior Court of the State of California

In and for the County of San Mateo


Presiding Judge Law and Motion Calendar

Judge: Honorable susan irene etezadi

Department 18


400 County Center, Redwood City

Courtroom 2L


Tuesday, February 20, 2018


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Case                   Title / Nature of Case


Line: 1

17-CIV-05829     SARA TIMAS, et al. vs. WAYNE A. MCFADDEN, et al.



SARA TIMAS                             KENNETH GREENSTEIN

WAYNE A. MCFADDEN                      KURT E. WILSON



Complex Case Status Conference



This matter is provisionally deemed and designated as COMPLEX, and is assigned to Judge Marie S. Weiner, Department 2, for all purposes. The parties are directed to contact Judge Weiner’s Department at 650-261-5102 to set a date for future status conference or other hearing.


If the tentative ruling is uncontested, it shall become the order of the Court, pursuant to Rule 3.1308(a)(1), adopted by Local Rule 3.10, effective immediately, and no formal order pursuant to Rule 3.1312 or any other notice is required as the tentative ruling affords sufficient notice to the parties.






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