January 22, 2019
High-Speed, Wireless Internet Access

What is this service?

Wireless, high-speed, Internet access is provided in certain, designated locations within the Hall of Justice and Records. Users are set up by the vendor, Courtroom Connect, with a Wi-Fi wireless card on their laptop or the user can provide their own Wi-Fi equipped laptop. Users have unlimited access to a high-speed Internet connection and are able to send and receive emails, access files from their office, conduct legal research and retrieve documents from online case repositories. Courtroom Connect and/or the user can provide security measures that protect all data transmissions.

Who can use this service?

Anyone who has a Wi-Fi equipped laptop or notebook.

How do I sign up for this service?

It's simple...just turn on your laptop or notebook, open a web browser, provide the requested information from Courtroom Connect and you're instantly connected to the service. You can visit Courtroom Connect at www.courtroomconnect.com for more information or call the customer support number: (877) 838-9067.

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