August 27, 2015
Not Guilty by Mail

A plea of not guilty and a request for a court trial may be made by mail. If a plea of not guilty by mail is entered, the right to have a trial within the statutory time limits is waived.

To enter a plea by mail, a written statement, dated and signed, that a plea of not guilty is being entered and a court trial is requested must be submitted with the full amount due listed on the Notice of Bail/courtesy notice. The request must be sent to the the traffic clerk's office at 500 County Center in Redwood City, CA 94063 at least five days prior to the required appearance or due date.

Specific dates of unavailability within a 60 day time period from the date of the written statement must be included so that the court may consider those dates. The court will send a written notice giving the date and time the court trial has been scheduled. All witnesses and documentation to support the case must be available on the day of trial. The officer who wrote the ticket will be present.

If found not guilty, or if the case is otherwise dismissed, your money will be refunded by mail within 30 days.

Failure to appear at the time of trial is a separate offense and could be added as a charge. If a mandatory appearance for the violation charged was not required, the amount you sent in could be ordered forfeited as a final disposition of the ticket. If a mandatory appearance for the violation was required, an additional violation of failure to appear could be added, a civil assessment added for that failure to appear, a hold placed against the driver's license, and the matter could be referred for civil collection.

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