July 15, 2019
Sample Questions for Examining the Judgment Debtor

Be sure to listen to the answers: they may help you to think of other questions to ask.

  1. What is your home address?
  2. What is your home telephone number?
  3. Are you married? If so, what is. your spouse's first name, maiden name and last name?
  4. Do you live in a rented apartment? A private home? A Condo? or a mobile home? What is the address?
  5. If you live in a private home, condo or mobile home, is it owned by you?
  6. If you live in a rented apartment, who pays the rent? To whom is it paid?
  7. Is it paid by check? Is your rent up to date?
  8. Do you have any boarders or sub-tenants? If so, what are their names and how much do they pay you each month?
  9. What is your occupation?
  10. What is your social security number?
  11. Are you presently employed? If so, by whom?
  12. At what address?
  13. What is your work telephone number?
  14. What is the name of your supervisor?
  15. What is your gross salary? What is your net salary?
  16. Do you receive commissions? When are you paid?
  17. How much is owing to you now?
  18. Do you have any part-time employment? If so, please explain.
  19. Is your spouse employed or in business?-If so, what is his/her salary?
  20. Do you own any stock or any interest in the business where you are employed? If so, please explain.
  21. Do you or your spouse have any Bank, Checking or Savings accounts? If so, what is the name of the bank & branch and what are the account numbers and present balances?
  22. Do you or your spouse have a driver's license? What are the driver license numbers? For what State?
  23. How did you get here today?
  24. What is the year and make of your car? Do you own it?
  25. Do you have any property, personal effects, cash or other assets that you have not yet mentioned? If so, explain.

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