April 26, 2017
We coordinate the filing of documents and calendaring of cases involving delinquency, dependency, adoptions and emancipation matters for minors.
Mediation Program
Juvenile Dependency Program: a meeting with mediators who try to help people talk about disagreements related to the safety and well being of their children. The meeting is informal, but structured.
Juvenile Delinquency Program: an opportunity for victims and offenders to meet face to face in a safe, controlled environment.

Dependency hearings occur when the court has become involved in the relationship between parent and child. The court may require the parent to follow specific steps to end court involvement. If a child becomes a dependent of the court, the court will make rules for everyone to follow. The rules are designed to be in the best interest of the child. Social workers and court appointed special advocates are available to protect the child's rights and assist the parent in following court orders.

Delinquency hearings occur when the juvenile has been charged with, or accused of, committing a crime.

Juvenile Traffic is handled by the County's Probation Department, NOT the Superior Court.

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