June 24, 2017
Juror Services
Spectrum Article Gives Insight into Jury Service
Online Pre-Reporting Instructions
Using your group number, you can access pre-reporting instructions about your potential juror service. Please note that the reporting instructions are updated each business day at 6:00 p.m. with juror assignments for the next business day. Follow up instructions for jurors placed on telephone standby are posted at 11:15 a.m. unless instructed differently.
Reporting Status
My Juror Record
Using your Badge Number and PIN, you can request a continuance, request an exemption, update your juror record and more . . .

Please use the "Online Pre-Reporting Instructions" above to check your pre-reporting instructions.

My Juror Record
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Other Juror information

* Important Scam Information *

Our staff will not ask any jurors for information such as credit card numbers, bank account or other personal information such as Social Security numbers. Never provide this type of information to anyone claiming to be associated with the court.

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