January 24, 2017
Final Reports

August 6, 2003

Hon. Beth Labson Freeman
Judge of the Superior Court
Hall of Justice
400 County Center; 2nd Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063-1655

Re: 2002 – 2003 Grand Jury Report: Bicycle Safety in San Mateo County

Dear Judge Freeman:

Thank you for the opportunity to review and comment on the recommendations contained in the Grand Jury’s report on Bicycle Safety in San Mateo County. On behalf of the City of Redwood City, I will limit our response to those recommendations related directly to the City, namely Recommendation 1 and Recommendation 2.

Our response should be taken in the context of our extreme budgetary constraints and the resulting limitations on the amount of resources we can allocate to bicycle route planning, committee work, and grant development.

Recommendation 1:
Within one year, San Mateo County and every city without a long-term strategic bicycle safety and transportation plan should develop one that includes: a) the priorities set forth in the San Mateo County Comprehensive Bicycle Route Plan; b) a bicycle advisory committee; c) at least one city employee whose job responsibilities involve bicycle transportation and safety issues; d) coordination of roadway construction projects with neighboring cities.

Response to Recommendation 1:
The City of Redwood City will review the C/CAG Comprehensive Bicycle Route Plan for San Mateo County, as adopted by C/CAG in October 2000, and will consider adoption of its own modified plan based on that at a future date, depending on Council priorities, budget constraints, resources available, and potential grant opportunities.
The City of Redwood City will utilize C/CAG’s existing Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee as its bicycle advisory committee, at such time as the City applies for any applicable bicycle grant funding.
The City of Redwood City will utilize its Traffic Engineer as its contact for all matters relating to bicycle transportation and safety issues.
The City of Redwood City currently works with its neighboring jurisdictions to coordinate roadway construction projects that may impact that jurisdiction, and will include any bicycle projects under consideration.

August 6, 2003
The Honorable Beth Labson
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Recommendation 2:
The county and cities should seek grant funding to support bicycle projects and programs in their communities.

Response to Recommendation 2:
As noted, given Redwood City’s extreme budgetary constraints and priorities, there are severe limitations on the amount of resources that can be allocated to grant development for this purpose. However, with the assistance of C/CAG, the City of Redwood City will respond to opportunities to apply for grant funding for bicycle projects and programs that benefit our community and that are consistent with our General Plan.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to respond the Grand Jury’s thoughtful recommendations on Bicycle Safety in San Mateo County.


Ed Everett
City Manager

cc: Members, City Council

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