January 20, 2017
Final Reports

July 16, 2003

Hon. Beth Labson Freeman
Judge of the Superior Court
Hall of Justice
400 County Center; 2nd Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063-1655

RE: Bicycle Safety in San Mateo County

Dear Judge Freeman:

Thank you for the opportunity to review and comment on the findings of the Grand Jury related to Bicycle Safety in San Mateo County. It is very obvious that the Committee of the Grand Jury that studied this issue spent considerable effort and did extensive research on this issue. The following are responses to each of the Grand Jury’s recommendations including the steps that will be taken to implement the suggestions where appropriate.

Recommendation 1.
Within one year, San Mateo County and every city without a long-term strategic bicycle safety and transportation plan should develop one that includes:

  • the priorities set forth in the San Mateo County Comprehensive Bicycle Route Plan.
  • a bicycle advisory committee.
  • at least one city employee whose job responsibilities involve bicycle transportation and safety issues.
  • coordination of roadway construction projects with neighboring cities.

Response to Recommendation 1.

  • The C/CAG Comprehensive Bicycle Route Plan for San Mateo County that was adopted by C/CAG in October 2000 will be adopted by the Town of Hillsborough including modifications that will make it specific to Town of Hillsborough in
    August 2003. This Plan represents a long-term vision of bicycle programs and improvements for all of San Mateo County.
  • The Town of Hillsborough will create a bicycle advisory committee to review and implement bicycle programs, when the Town intends to apply for grant funding to implement the bike plan. To date the Town has not applied for such funding.
  • The Town of Hillsborough’s City Engineer is designated as the Town’s contact for all matters relating to bicycle transportation and safety issues.
  • The Town of Hillsborough currently works with its neighboring jurisdictions to coordinate roadway construction projects that may impact that jurisdiction. Projects that increase capacity must also undergo an environmental clearance that includes review of the project by all impacted jurisdictions. In the future the Town of Hillsborough will ensure that neighboring jurisdictions are also notified of any bicycle projects under consideration.

Recommendation 2.

The county and cities should seek grant funding to support bicycle projects and programs in their communities.

Response to Recommendation 2.

With the assistance of C/CAG the Town of Hillsborough will actively seek grant funding for bicycle projects and programs to benefit our community. Priority will be given to seeking funds to implement projects that have been identified as high priority in the San Mateo County Comprehensive Bicycle Route Plan.

Recommendation 3.

C/CAG should increase its efforts to address bicycle issues within the cities by:
developing a community outreach program for bicyclists that includes the distribution of designated bicycle route maps and safety tips, and provision of free maps to local bicycle shops and the non-profit bicycle organizations.
incorporating in its Congestion Management Plan the requirement that consideration must be given to bicycle safety during new construction and roadway improvement projects.

Response to Recommendation 3.

This recommendation is being addressed directly by C/CAG.

Recommendation 4.

C/CAG should prioritize and fund projects that demonstrate inter city coordination of bicycle projects, e.g., bicycle lanes and paths.

Response to Recommendation 4.

This recommendation is being addressed directly by C/CAG.

Respectfully Submitted,

Martha DeBry
Director of Public Works

cc: City Manager
City Council

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