January 19, 2017
Final Reports

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Response to Recommendation 2.
With the assistance of C/CAG the City of Millbrae will actively seek grant funding for bicycle projects ad programs to benefit our community. Priority will be given to seeking funds to implement projects that have been identified as high priority in San Mateo County Comprehensive Bicycle Route Plan. The City of Millbrae is currently designing a pedestrian/bicycle overpass across U.S. 101 to connect to the existing Bay Trail. We have received grant funds from the San Francisco Bay Trail and are actively seeking grant funds from the Coastal Conservancy and other Federal and State grants as they become available.

Recommendation 3.
C/CAG should increase its efforts to address bicycle issues within the cities by:

Developing a community outreach program for bicyclists that include the distribution of designated bicycle route maps and safety tips, and provision of free maps to local bicycle shops and the non-profit bicycle organizations.
Incorporating in its Congestion Management Plan the requirement that consideration must be given to bicycle safety during new construction and roadway improvement projects.

Response to Recommendation 3.
This recommendation is being addressed directly by C/CAG.

Recommendation 4.
C/CAG should prioritize and fund projects that demonstrate inter city coordination of bicycle projects, e.g., bicycle lanes and paths.

Response to Recommendation 4.
This recommendation is being addressed directly by C/CAG.

Very truly yours,

Jeffrey W. Killian
Interim City Administrator

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City Clerk

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