January 23, 2017
Final Reports

The City of Burlingame
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Honorable Beth Labson Freeman June 30, 2003
Judge of the Superior Court
Hall of Justice
400 County Center, 2nd floor
Redwood City, CA 94063-1655

Dear Judge Freeman;
Thank you for the opportunity to review and comment on the findings of the Grand Jury related to Bicycle Safety in San Mateo County. The City of Burlingame has always been supportive of bicycle facilities and has received both public and private grant financing of trails in our community. The City has over five miles of recreational trails along the Bay front and many residential routes which connect to adjacent communities and are noted in the San Mateo County Comprehensive Bicycle Route Plan. Below are the steps that the City will take to implement the suggestions of the Grand Jury.

Grand Jury Recommendation 1

Within one year, San Mateo County and every city without a long - term strategic bicycle safety and transportation plan should develop one that includes:

  1. the priorities set forth in the San Mateo County Comprehensive Bicycle Route Plan.
  2. a bicycle advisory committee.
  3. at least one city employee whose job responsibilities involve bicycle transportation and safety issues.
  4. coordination of roadway construction projects with neighboring cities.


The City is considering development of a long-term strategic bicycle safety and transportation plan which would include the following tasks.

  1. Amending the Circulation Element of the City’s General Plan to include bicycle facilities and routes following the priorities of the C/CAG Comprehensive Bicycle Route Plan for San Mateo County (adopted in October, 2000).
  2. Including review of bicycle transportation and safety issues as a part of the function of the existing Traffic, Safety, and Parking Commission. This public commission meets monthly to review transportation issues. The City will encourage Commission applicants to have a bicycle focus and will include on its agenda a review of the City’s bicycle needs.
  3. Assigning the Traffic Engineer staff position as the contact for bicycle transportation and safety issues.
  4. Continue coordinating roadway construction projects with neighboring cities.

Grand Jury Recommendation 2
The county and cities should seek grant funding to support bicycle projects and programs in their communities.

Over the past five years the City has received grant funding for construction of two portions of the Bay Trail bicycle/pedestrian path and for on-street bicycle lanes along Skyline Boulevard. The City will continue to seek grant funding for bicycle projects that benefit the community. Priority will be given to implementation of projects identified in the San Mateo County Comprehensive Bicycle Route Plan. This plan identifies a bicycle/ pedestrian connection across Highway 101 near the Broadway interchange as a major priority for the City. Currently a bicycle/ pedestrian bridge is proposed by Caltrans with construction of the auxiliary lanes project between Millbrae and Third Avenues. This bridge will connect the commercial and residential areas of the city with the bayfront and hotels and is scheduled to begin construction in the Fall, 2004.

Grand Jury Recommendations 3 and 4
C/CAG will address these items as noted in their June 27, 2003 letter to you.

Please contact Augustine Chou at 650-558-7230 if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

Jim Nantell
City Manager

c: City Council, Traffic, Safety, and Parking Commission, City Manager, City Planner, Traffic Engineer, Senior Planner, Associate Engineer, Walter Martone (C/CAG)
att: C/CAG June 27, 2003 to Honorable Beth Freeman, Judge of the Superior Court

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