January 21, 2017
Final Reports
Response July 10, 2003

Refer to: PRG 323

The Honorable Beth Labson Freeman
Judge of the Superior Court
Hall of Justice
400 County Center, 2nd Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063-1655

Re: Response to Grand Jury Report Filed on May 2, 2003

Dear Judge Freeman:

This document is in response to only one section of the Grand Jury Report for 2002-03, titled “Oversight of Charter Schools.”

Response to the Findings: The District agrees with all findings related to the Sequoia Union High School District found in this section.

Response to the Recommendation: There is only one recommendation for the Sequoia Union High School District in this section of the Grand Jury’s report. That recommendation reads as follows: “The Sequoia High School District and charter schools must begin immediate, good-faith negotiations to provide new charters for existing charter high schools in a manner that is beneficial to the community without setting preconditions that cannot be met.”

I have been Superintendent of the Sequoia Union High School District since February 2003. Since that time I have held three general meetings with the four charter high schools in our area, including Summit Preparatory, San Carlos Charter High School, Aspire Charter High School, and Aurora Charter High School. The purpose of these meetings was directly aligned to the recommendations cited above.


Patrick R. Gemma, Ed.D.
District Superintendent


cc: Board of Trustees
Charter High Schools

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