January 20, 2017
Final Reports





                                        April 24, 2003




Honorable Beth Labson Freeman

Presiding Judge, Civil Grand Jury
County of San Mateo
400 County Center
Redwood City, CA 94063


Subject:  Response to the 2002-2003 Grand Jury

          LAFCo Municipal Service Reviews Report

          East Palo Alto Sanitary District Report



Honorable Judge Freeman;


In accordance with the California Penal Code, the Local Agency Formation Commission considered the above noted reports at the March 19 Commission meeting and submits the attached responses to the recommendations made by the 2002/2003 Grand Jury.






                                   Martha Poyatos

                                   Executive Officer



CC:   Thomas F. Casey, County Counsel

      Members, Formation Commission

      Carol L Woodward, Deputy County Counsel

      Marcia Raines, Director, Environmental Services Agency




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