January 24, 2017
Final Reports


March 24, 2003




The Honorable Beth Labson Freeman

Judge of the Superior Court

Hall of Justice

400 County Center, 2nd Floor

Redwood City, CA  94063-1655


Dear Judge Freeman:


The Grand Jury has recommended a written agreement with the City and County of San Francisco which delineates the respective roles and responsibilities of each county in response to emergencies at the San Bruno jail facilities, including reimbursement.

The site is located in unincorporated San Mateo County and, as such, falls under my jurisdiction for law enforcement. Historically very few calls for service have been made by officials at the jail facilities. Realistically, responses to emergencies at that location would come from the surrounding cities of Pacifica, San Bruno and South San Francisco and are usually the result of an escape from the jail.


I will assign someone from my department to meet with the affected communities and the San Francisco City and County officials to explore whether a written document will add to the current level and quality of public protection. Because the location is unincorporated, and under current guidelines for mutual aid, I don't believe reimbursement for costs is possible. I will, however, confer with County Counsel about this question.






Don Horsley



cc:  The Honorable Board of Supervisors


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