January 20, 2017
Final Reports
San Mateo Courts - Civil Grand Jury

Response from the City of San Bruno

The City of San Bruno has reviewed the Grand Jury Summary Findings and Recommendations pertaining to the Pet Overpopulation Program. the City of San Bruno agrees with the findings in part. The City of San Bruno recognizes that the licensing of cats would result in increased revenues to the Peninsula Humane Society, but feels that the program should be voluntary rather than mandatory.

The City of San Bruno notes that according to the Grand Jury Report, only three of the eighteen cities in the County (16%) have adopted the Pet Overpopulation Program ordinance. It should further be noted that San Mateo County Cities have joined with the County to analyze Peninsula Humane Society Animal Control Services and Costs. It is our view that implementation of the Pet Overpopulation Program by all Cities must be incorporated into this cost-benefit analysis. This analysis is being conducted by DMG Maximus and is being administered by the County Environmental Services Agency. This analytical report is due to be completed in December 2001. The City of San Bruno will review the DMG Maximus report and any possible cost benefit impacts anticipated by enactment of the Pet Overpopulation Program at that time.

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