January 19, 2017
Final Reports
San Mateo Courts - Civil Grand Jury

Response from City of Foster City

The City Council of Foster City reviewed and discussed the 2000-2001 Grand Jury Report regarding the Pet Overpopulation Program at its September 4, 2001 meeting. Our unanimous response response is as follows:


It is correct that Foster City has not implemented the Pet Overpopulation Program. However, we do not have adequate information to evaluate the other findings regarding the need for and the benefits of the program.


Recommendation 3.6 - This does not apply to Foster City.

Recommendation 3.7 - "Cities which have not already done so should adopt the San Mateo County Pet Overpopulation Program Ordinance (County Ordinance Code, Chapter 6.12) in its entirety."

Foster City does not intend to implement Recommendation 3.7 because it is not warranted or reasonable to do so in our community. Minute Order No. 731 is the City Council action on this matter.

Minute Order No. 731

Subject: Response to 2000-2001 Grand Jury Report Regarding Adoption of County Pet Overpopulation Program Ordinance.

Motion by Councilmember Wilder, seconded by Vice Mayor Cox, and carried unanimously, 4-0-0, IT WAS ORDERED directing staff to prepare a response letter for the Mayor's signature to the Grand Jury stating that the recommendation of the Grand Jury to adopt the County's Pet Overpopulation (POP) Ordinance not be implemented because it is not warranted or reasonable because, in the opinion of this City Council, cats should not be licensed.

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