January 24, 2017
Final Reports
San Mateo Courts - Civil Grand Jury

Response from the Town of Atherton

This responds to the letter from Peggy Thompson, Court Executive Officer, dated June 27, 2001, regarding the findings and recommendations of the 2000-2001 Grand Jury on the subject of Pet Overpopulation. This response follows the format outlined in the June 27, 2001, letter.

The Town of Atherton disagrees partially with the Grand Jury finding that rabies infection and lost animals pose a significant problem insofar as the Town of Atherton is concerned. Atherton residents do not need additional ordinances to make them accountable for their pets. Existing animal control regulations appear to be working satisfactorily in Atherton.

Based upon the foregoing explanation, the Grand Jury recommendation will not be implemented at this time because it is not warranted.

While the City of South San Francisco has its own ordinance covering animal control, we agree with the mission of the POP, which is to promote public safety, protect pets from disease, and encourage responsible pet ownership. We feel that by promoting a positive awareness campaign of the POP, it would be much easier for those cities that have not adopted the program to further support the benefits of the program and recommend it to the community and pet owners.

Once a campaign has been successfully initiated by the Peninsula Humane Society, South San Francisco, along with other communities, may be willing to support this program .

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