January 17, 2017
Final Reports
San Mateo Courts - Civil Grand Jury


The South San Francisco Unified School District (the "District") takes this opportunity to thank the 2000-2001 Grand Jury for its report and recommendation regarding high school safety preparedness. This letter provides the District's response as directed by the Superior Court's letter of June 27, 2001.

The District includes two grade 9-12 high schools, El Camino High School and South San Francisco High School. The District participated in the initial survey submitted by the Grand Jury. Safety on the District's high school campuses is a top priority.

The District's responses to the findings and recommendations are as follows:


"The grand jury finds that public high school administrators in San Mateo County believe that their schools provide safe environments for students enrolled in grades 9 through 12." Speaking for the high schools in its district, the District agrees with this finding.

No District action is indicated.


"Recommendation 4.12: All San Mateo County public high schools devise and publish the results of a school violence and safety survey twice each school year, utilizing Exhibit 1 as a sample form."

The District collects information and data on school safety in compliance with the State of California Safe Schools Assessment format. This information is reported to the public in the annual School Crime Reporting Summary

Because the information contained in Exhibit 1 and the California Safe School Assessment both provide parents data on school safety, the recommendation requires further analysis to determine the best method for providing the most understandable and meaningful information for parents. Your recommendation has been forwarded to the California State Department for comment and possible integration into their report.

"Recommendation 4.13: The 2001-2002 Grand Jury evaluate the results of the survey distributed to middle and intermediate schools."

This Recommendation relates to the Grand Jury only and does not require a District response.
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