January 17, 2017
Final Reports
San Mateo Courts - Civil Grand Jury


The Cabrillo Unified School District is obviously concerned with the safety of its students and wants to ensure that individuals within the community have information with regards to the precautions that are in place at Half Moon Bay High School. The two recommendations that the Grand Jury has made, however, are duplicated efforts, as they are already required by Education Code and Penal Code.

Education Code 4044 and Penal Code 628 mandate that public schools, K-12, make quarterly reports. We are required to make these reports to the California Safe Schools Assessment, which works out of the Butte County Office of Education. In those quarterly reports, we are required to indicate much of the same information that you have asked for in Recommendations 4.12 and 4.13. It seems to me that it would have been in the best interest of school districts if the Grand Jury simply required a copy of the report that is made quarterly to the California Safe Schools Assessment office.

Also, I am aware of three separate activities, in San Mateo County alone, dealing with school safety and how to prevent violence. I think everyone is concerned about violence and doesn't want it to occur in our schools. However, if the money, time and effort put into these activities could instead be used to provide counseling in high schools that are in financial need, that would be a better avenue.

Unfortunately, Cabrillo Unified School District is the lowest revenue limit unified school district, or district with a high school, in San Mateo County. In fact, we have almost one-third to one-half less dollars than Sequoia or San Mateo Union High School Districts. It would certainly be appreciated if the Grand Jury would assist us in finding funds to help with counseling services to meet the needs of our students.

The Cabrillo Unified School District will comply with the Grand Jury's Recommendations, but instead of the survey that you have in Exhibit One, we will send you a copy of the California Safe Schools Assessment in order to save time, effort and duplication of work.

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