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Name: Judge Bonnie Sabraw
Address: ADR Services, Inc.
  100 First Street, 27th Floor
  San Francisco, CA 94105

Telephone:(415) 772-0900Fax:(415) 772-0960  


Fees: $650 per hour  
Other Costs:  $195/party administrative fee for mediations
$250/party administrative fee for arbitrations plus $250 flat disclosure check fee for arbitrations.

BAR Number:0000000

Attorney: xNon-Attorney Professional Mediator/Arbitrator:         Retired Judge/Justice:  


During my 20 years on the Bench in Alameda County, I presided over hundreds of settlement conferences, court and jury trials in all categories of civil litigation. From 2001 to 2006 I presided over all Environmental Quality Assurance (CEQA) matters filed in Alameda County. Since 1996 I handled numerous complex matters, including many consumer and employee class actions, unfair business practices matters, catastrophic and mass tort personal injury cases, insurance coverage claims, real estate and development disputes, eminent domain matters, construction defect, and Proposition 65 environmental claims. From January 2007 until retired I was assigned to the complex litigation department.

In addition to 20 years in a "hands on" capacity as a Judge in Alameda County, I was the guest speaker on the topic of "Common Issues That Arise in Class Action Settlements" at the Consumer Attorneys of California College of Trial Arts - Class Action Seminar in March 2008; the speaker on "The View From the Bench; How Condemnation Cases Are Different" at the CLE International Eminent Domain conference in 2007 and a speaker or panelits at numerous other seminars as listed on my c.v. at In July 2006, I attended the intensive 40-hour Mediation Class "The Art of Facilitating Settlement" conducted by the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of Law, through the Administrative Office of the Courts.

My experience as a trial judge has included 20 years of conducting and rendering decisions in 100s of court trials, which are handled in a very similar fashion to arbitrations.

While on the Bench, I had the opportunity on numerous occasions to assist the parties and counsel in considering a neutral evaluation of their cases if requested as part of the settlement process.

SubjectPersonal Injury:xEmployment:xBusiness:xReal Estate:x
Matter:Legal Malpractice: Public Agency: Probate: Construction:x
 Medical Malpractice:xEnvironmental:xInsurance: Securities: 
 Product Liability: Landlord-Tenant / Neighborhood: Dental Malpractice: 
 Foreign Language(s): Intellectual Property/High Technology:  
 Accoutings:  Conservatorships/Guardianships:  Wills/Trusts: 
 Other: Eminent Domain, Complex Litigation/Class Actions


See C.V. at (Northern California panel)

I would describe my mediation approach as being facilitative, but the handling of any given mediation is based on the needs of the parties and the particular case. I do not have a style that is "set in stone," but rather am flexible to leave open opportunities to be creative in reaching a resolution.

Arbitrations are handled very similar to the court trials I handled while on the Bench, applying the particular rules that apply pursuant to the arbitration agreement or stipulations of the parties.

It is my goal to provide the parties with an analysis of the case that is detailed enough to be useful to the parties as a vehicle for settlement.

All other information, including examples of cases I have mediated can be found at the ADR Services website ( under "Northern California Neutral/Panels."

Experince has shown hat most parties who use the mediation process are there to attempt in good faith to get thier case settled and not just to have a discussion or use the process as a discovery vehicle. Counsel today, for the most part, are experienced in using mediation and prepare their clients for the need to compromise if there is going to be a resolution to the case. I encourage the parties to be prepared before submitting the case to mediation, but recognize that often the timing for mediation can best be served before money has been spent on expensive trial preparation costs. If the matter does not settle at the first mediation session, I encourage continuing contact from counsel to explore different avenues for settlement.

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