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Name: R. Ward Loveland
Address: Coddington, Hicks & Danforth
  555 Twin Dolphin Drive, #300
  Redwood City, CA 94065

Telephone:(650) 592-5400Fax:(650) 592-5027  


BAR Number:127736

I have been an arbiter with San Mateo County Courts for over 10 years. During that time, I have arbitrated approximately 30 cases involving personal injury, property damage and employment

SubjectPersonal Injury:xEmployment:xBusiness: Real Estate: 
Matter:Legal Malpractice: Construction: Insurance:xProduct Liability:x
 Other:  Unlawful detainer
Plaintiff Representation: 25%Defendant Representation: 75%

Education &

A.B. - Princeton University - 1981
J.D. - Boston College Law School - 1986

My approach to arbitration is very flexible. Generally, I do not ask for opening statements, and I have relaxed evidentiary standards. If there is a dispute regarding the potential for admissibility (such as hearsay testimony for a declarant who would not be available for trial), I will consider the exclusion of such evidence. I usually favor a brief closing argument. At times, the parties prefer and request either a very informal or formal approach to the process. I will usually defer to the parties' wishes, if that is in the best interest of the case. I also will agree to act as a mediator in lieu of arbitration for up to three hours for no additional fee, but only with permission of the court

Ward Loveland's practice focuses on the defense of insurers in lawsuits and administrative proceedings as well as the defense of manufacturers and distributors in products liability actions. A substantial portion of Mr. Loveland's practice is also dedicated to advising and educating insurers with respect to claims handling practices and compliance with Department of Insurance regulations, including the Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations and regulations governing special investigations (anti-fraud).

In the area of litigation, Mr. Loveland has handled matters that include class action lawsuits, complex insurance bad faith and coverage cases, insurance fraud, and strict liability actions involving a panoply of products. Mr. Loveland has also represented consumers, manufacturers and distributors of products in general business disputes involving the sale and warrant

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