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Name: Philip Fagone
Address: Law Offices of Philip Fagone
  2814 Alhambra Drive
  Belmont, CA 94002-1352

Telephone:(650) 654-0574Fax:(650) 745-1186  


BAR Number:172694

10 arbitrations as the arbitrator. This includes one panel arbitration of a construction dispute, two binding arbitrations, and the remainder were judicial arbitrations (including personal injury, business dispute, consumer credit, and construction contract disputes - primarily for Santa Clara County)

SubjectPersonal Injury: Employment: Business:xReal Estate:x
Matter:Legal Malpractice: Construction:xInsurance: Product Liability: 
Plaintiff Representation: 35%Defendant Representation: 65%

Education &

B.S.- Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1974 (Civil Engineering) M.B.A. - Suffolk University, 1980

J.D.- Golden Gate University, 1994

I actively participate in the hearings to assure that each party and their attorney have a full opportunity to be heard, I ask questions to help the parties and their attorneys better articulate their positions, and I often require follow-up briefs on points of law raised but not resolved during the hearings. I often provide a written explanation of my award.

My combination of practical hands-on business experience and legal experience allow me to better understand the compexities of most business disputes. I seek to craft awards that fully-address the facts and legal arguments of each case.

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