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Name: Bernard T. Cotter
Address: McDowall Cotter, A.P.C.
  2070 Pioneer Court
  San Mateo, CA 94403

Telephone:(650) 572-7933Fax:(650) 572-0834  


BAR Number:30653

Started defending uninsured motorist cases in 1960. A member of the San Mateo County Judicial Arbitration Advisory Panel since its inception. Through the years have been involved in hundreds of arbitrations as plaintiff counsel, defense counsel and as an arbitrator.

SubjectPersonal Injury:xEmployment: Business:xReal Estate:x
Matter:Legal Malpractice:xConstruction:xInsurance:xProduct Liability:x
Plaintiff Representation: 50%Defendant Representation: 50%

Education &

B.S. - University of San Francisco

J.D. - University of San Francisco

Arbitration is serious business and never considered a burden. Scheduling is done to accommodate the parties. Briefs, if any, are welcome at any time. The arbitration hearing is user-friendly. Counsel are sometimes asked how they would like the arbitration to proceed. A friendly formality is maintained. No time limits are set. The parties may or may not be sworn. It is important the parties be allowed to express themselves. No one should leave an arbitration feeling unhappy. Rule 1613 is usually not enforced unless the objecting side can demonstrate prejudice. The rules of evidence are relaxed. However, objections are ruled on.

In cases which appear less complex, with permission of counsel, the arbitrator occasionally takes over the questioning. Because arbitrations are abbreviated trials, back and forth arguments are not discouraged. Cases are almost always taken under submission with a written decision to follow. After arbitration, counsel are welcome to call with questions.

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