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Name: Michael G. Descalso
Address: Greene, Chauvel, Descalso & Minoletti
  155 Bovet Road, #780
  San Mateo, CA 94402

Telephone:(650) 573-9500Fax:(650) 573-9689  


BAR Number:104354

I have acted as the arbitrator in at least 100 arbitrations in San Mateo County involving personal injury and commercial cases

SubjectPersonal Injury:xEmployment:xBusiness:xReal Estate: 
Matter:Legal Malpractice: Construction: Insurance: Product Liability:x
Plaintiff Representation: 50%Defendant Representation: 50%

Education &

B.A. - Saint Mary's College of California - 1976

J.D. - University of San Francisco - 1982

I apply the rules of evidence, but in a broad sense in order not to preclude introduction of important evidence on technical grounds that could easily be remedied with a motion, thus saving time. My awards are generally based on what I believe a jury in San Mateo County would be, based on my 23 years of experience in practice here

I believe arbitrations are an invaluable asset to the judiciary here in San Mateo County. My goal is to award damages based on the evidence introduced at arbitration in order to give the litigants a good idea what will happen should the case go to trial. In the event the parties are willing to engage in mediation instead of arbitration, I am available at no additional charge to mediate the case. I have had good results in cases I have arbitrated on behalf of a party to the litigation, and bring that approach and desire for resolution to my work as an arbitrator.

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