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Name: R. Brian Irion
Address: Law Office of R. Brian Irion
  611 Veterans Blvd., #209
  Redwood City, CA 94063

Telephone:(650) 363-2600Fax:(650) 363-2606  


BAR Number:119865

Judicial arbitrator, San Mateo County for approximately 5 years

SubjectPersonal Injury: Employment:xBusiness:xReal Estate:x
Matter:Legal Malpractice: Construction:xInsurance: Product Liability: 
Plaintiff Representation: %Defendant Representation:  %

Education &

B.A. - U.C. Davis (Economics) - 1982

J.D. - U.C. Davis - 1985

I like to schedule dates convenient to all, receive simple briefs (<5 pp) outlining the case several days before the arbitration, suggest stipulated facts be made informally, and allow each side to present their case as they see fit. Unless the parties desire otherwise, I will often provide a tentative oral statement and reasoning at the conclusion of the case, and permit the parties to discuss resolution in my offices privately afterwards.

Many cases can be resolved informally once sufficient facts are known and the parties' positions are voiced and examined. My goal is to provide a preliminary independent review of each party's case to enable the parties and their representatives tools with which to resolve cases.

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