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Name: Isaac R. Goodman
Address: Goodman Law Corporation
  702 Marshall Street, #620
  Redwood City, CA 94063

Telephone:(650) 365-9800Fax:(650) 365-9808  


BAR Number:28090

Have been an arbitrator since the inception. Selected as an arbitrator on a variety of cases

SubjectPersonal Injury:xEmployment: Business:xReal Estate:x
Matter:Legal Malpractice: Construction: Insurance: Product Liability: 
 Other:  Probate and Trust
Plaintiff Representation: 100%Defendant Representation:  %

Education &

B.A. - Brandeis University - 1954

LLB - Stanford University - 1957

Define issues at outset, allow parties to agree on Procedure and Evidence Rules, using offers of proof where appropriate; offer Alternate to Arbitration, encourage early submission of Briefs and documents.

Extensive background in litigation, primarily in plaintiff's personal injury, business, real estate and probate. Participated in many arbitration proceedings both as an advocate and as arbitrator, as well as acting as judge pro tem in San Mateo County, including jury trials. Served a term as president of the San Mateo County Trial Lawyers Associatoin. Currently engaged as active, full time sole practioner.

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