March 31, 2020
Program Information

More and more people and businesses are using appropriate dispute resolution "ADR" to resolve their legal problems. ADR is usually faster, cheaper and less stressful than going to trial. ADR also lets you resolve your disputes in a more private environment.

The Multi-Option ADR Project (MAP) has prepared a list of mediators, arbitrators and neutral evaluators to help you with your case.

You and the other parties can use this list to select an experienced, trained ADR provider. Then, schedule a session directly with the provider.

You can also choose an ADR provider who is not on this list as long as all the parties agree to use that person.

You and the other parties will pay the costs and fees for ADR directly to your provider. Usually, parties split the fees. Please tell the ADR provider that this is a San Mateo Superior Court MAP referral.

You can get the contact information and hourly fees for each panelist by checking on the Panelist List or the panelists by areas of subject matter expertise.

If you don't have enough money to pay the fees, you can submit a financial aid application to the Civil ADR Program Coordinator to see if you are eligible for financial aid through the ADR program. If you want financial aid, you must apply first - before you select your ADR Provider.

You have 21 days from your case management conference to fill out and file the Stipulation and Order To ADR form, notifying the court regarding whom you have selected as your ADR neutral and the date of the ADR session.

Within 10 days of completing ADR, you and your lawyer (if you have one) must fill out a Client Evaluation form or an Evaluation by Attorney form.

If you have questions about ADR or the providers on this list, contact: ADR Program staff at (650) 261-5075 or (650) 261-5076

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